keyotafighting sent:


ヽ(;▽;)ノ !!!! hehhe thank u!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Anonymous sent:

Tsukiyama would totally get three Kanekis pregnant. What is he going to do with all those babies? He's lucky that he can afford the child support.

hahahaaha ≖‿≖ he will know that do… I know it… (?) 

Anonymous sent:

Omg he got all the kaneki's prego AHA

≖‿≖  ho ho yis (?)

Anonymous sent:

I think your art is great, keep it up! Always nice to see :3 And I liked your Kaneki cosplay too, you were cute and it looks good so I don't think it's a fail :P

・∀・)/ hi! omg thank u so much !!! <3 xoxo 4 u quq <3

i-set-fire-to-ashes sent:

Hola! Puedo usar uno de tus chibis como icon para tumblr? no estoy segura y por eso pregunto :B gracias bye!

por supuesto ´・ω・`)!!!! <3 

Anonymous sent:

Are you a boy or a girl? Ô v Ô

(;ω;) im a girl sobs 

Anonymous sent:

Hey i love your art so much!! *w* omgf can i save it? Can i? Can i? /staph

save? (;^◇^;) … well, if you respect my art oki? (u‿ฺu✿ฺ)  and thnx 

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U have cute drawings and u did a good job on your cosplay. :o)

( // ▽//) !!!!!! aaaawww…rly thank u !!! xoxo <3

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you dont know how much i love your art- i just cant get enough ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱

〃ω〃) chu <3 thank u so much dear

maheeeheeee sent:

Your art is too fucking cute!! I just love it to bits! (^ν^)

*´∀`*)!!!! oh thank uuuuu !!!!