je peux vivre sans toi
La tour Eiffel t'ennuie déjà Est-ce la tour Eiffel ou bien moi ? Je peux vivre sans toi tu sais Le seul problème mon amour C'est que je ne peux vivre sans t'aimer
I'm really sorry about your art kept being stolen dozens of times already 😢 Hopefully things will get better for you The account was already suspended by the way

thank u u___u am so fucking sad …..x___x why me shit why me? 

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i click the link and it said the account is suspended :o?

YES IT WAS SUSPENDED 2 DAYS AGO,  BUT GOT BACK TODAY AND WENT BACK TO SUBMIT MY STUFF! is suspended again, but will open again x___x 

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Hi people!! I need your help, there’s a person on pixiv who’s fakin to be me, two days ago she/he deleted her account when I sent a message,but today she/he opened it again and still submitting my stuff as hers, also deleting my signature and url (As put my pixiv’s icon as her/him…wth ).

Today this person answered the message…AND WAS USELESS SHE/HE (idk) SAID ”NO”, reported that person but didnt work, so…PLEASE HELP ME. sadly i dont want to submit my art anymore because this is really affecting me, please report this person! And also share/reblog this post because it’s really unfair, I’m really happy share my art but…now I’m afraid to do it, I apologize…but please help me! I’d love and thank you soooo much! If you ever find this person/user again or other user upload my art on pixiv or deviantart ,please report !!!!!!!.

PLEASE I really am too scared to upload my art, if I put my signature or url… they delete it??!!, if I put watermark write…. they delete it???!! , I am very sad and scared,! WHY??!!! STOP !!! really I love people who like what I do, but I is not right and good to do these things to me! 

please! reblog/share this post!

if you have a fan page on facebook from tokyo ghoul or anyway and have shared my art, please share this post! you help me too such actions!




Tokyo Ghoul Opening + Characters
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why is the feels guy always looking right?



because his gf left


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Metal Gear Solid ~ Cosplay by Rick Boer


actually me tho


New Nintendo 3DS Japanese Ad feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
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